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Donald Drumpf and Christmas Incest! | Open Mic Monday


Welcome to the first-ever edition of Open Mic Monday! This week features a lot of music and a lot of laughs, so let’s get started.

Our primary act is one of the first comedians I ever met in the Vancouver standup scene. He hosted my first-ever open mic and has been absolutely lovely ever since. Here’s his set from the Comedy MIX club in Century Plaza Hotel, Vancouver. This set covers fighting, Christmas incest, and smoking, with Vancouver-themed jokes sprinkled throughout. Please enjoy this video from Sam Tonning:

Our second set comes from one of the founders of this very website! Liam Sturgess has been working with music in some form or another since he was a kid, and has been running an indie record label since 2015. This song in particular is catchy and fun, and totally captures Liam’s energetic and playful aura. Get into it:

This next set comes from one of Vancouver’s rising stars. Emma Citrine has been playing music her whole life, and just this past weekend released a new album: Sad Surprise. She’s always managed to give her songs a sense of vulnerability, and this live recording captures that perfectly:

Our next song is one I, your host, performed! I realize it’s a little strange to feature myself, but at almost every open mic I’ve ever been to, the host has gone up and done something, too. So cut me some slack and I promise I won’t make a habit of it. This is an updated cover of an old Carol Burnett comedy song, and I had a blast recording it with everyone. Please enjoy:

The final act of the night is a band called “Friends of Dan” performing a cover at the Cancer Relay for Life in Richmond, an event that helped raise funds for the BC Cancer Agency (which two of the members had volunteered/worked at). You’ve probably heard this one, so feel free to sing along:

And that’s it! Thanks so much for checking out the first ever Open Mic Monday! We’ll see you here again soon.

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